Skilling, Placements and Staffing


India's transition to one of the largest and fastest growing global economies during the last decade has been a remarkable phenomenon. In order for India to sustain and accelerate its growth trajectory, an environment for sustained and continuous skill development of its workforce to address the employability gap has become a critical imperative.

India has 1.2 billion populations that's expected to reach 1.48 billion by 2030. India will be the largest contributor to the global workforce, with working-age population (15-59) likely to swell from 749 million to 962 million over 2010 to 2030. By 2020, the average age in India will be only 29 years, compared with 37 in China and the United States, 45 in Western Europe, and 48 in Japan.

A young & dynamic workforce will steer India's economic growth in the next decade. While the young workforce is an indicator of our country's demographic advantage; corporate world continues to struggle to find skilled talent. According to different industry reports, as much as 40% of vacancies at the entry level don't get filled due to paucity of skilled manpower. Industry sectors across the board are facing shortage of skilled talent.

We provide a number of skilling products , in accosting , logistics , data analytics and more. We are in partnership with the Tally. We are working with Skill India , ASAP, KASE , DARCL the India leading logistics provider, We are working on a pedagogical analysis and research for development of on-line curriculum for basic accounting for the rural youth. In association with NSDC , we are working out strategies with leading online course provides to reach the rural India to empower them.

Placements and Staffing

We  provide a program when your company needs that extra “Winning Edge” , we  can provide in the fiercely competitive cut throat world. Our company specializes in staff augmentation and have an in-house Portal system with resume database to give real time response to all types of requirements from our clients.

Contract Staffing

We have a unique perspective to staffing as we have full-fledged labs for up-skilling, cross-skilling and continued skills development in-house workshops in all specialized skills like Tally , Peachtree ,SAP, PeopleSoft, ERD , Excel, OneNote and QA etc as accountants , office staff and management positions

Our recruiters unlike most staffing companies are themselves seasoned consultants who have actually worked on the system themselves in the local market and understand the intricacies of the business and technology area as well as the mindset of the client to ensure the “people  fit” concept is met at all times during the hiring and deployment process.

Outsourced Staffing

We offer a hybrid model of staffing in different parts of the world.  Our staffing assignments range from onsite assignments and offsite assignments to virtual staffing.

Permanent Staffing

We undertake full service placements for companies in the areas of accounts , financial offices and data analytics. We are proving quality commerce graduates with hard core training in accounts, banking, acting softwares, Tally ERP 9 , Peach tree , Dace c and more for any industry

Our recruiters are well versed in the interviewing and screening skills. The candidates undergo rigorous three level fitment test as well as a subjective test to ascertain the cultural fit besides the business and technological acumen.

Our consultants have a success rate of 90% in terms of satisfaction by the employer. Call us today to help you in your staffing assignments.

Guideline talent care a project of GST provide solutions to companies  address their sourcing, skilling and staffing needs at the entry-level of their organizations. Our value-added staffing solutions deliver trained and ready-to-deploy talent in flexible and scalable models which address the growth, quality, attrition and bench management requirements of enterprises.

Guideline talent care business model is built to manage the source-skill-staff value chain for its clients. We use our proprietary GM methodology to map the skill requirements of entry-level job roles particularly in accounting ,delivery , logistics and data analytics . We screen and source candidates and develop the required skills using our S HR methodology at our campuses using best-in-class content, methods and infrastructure. All candidates go through rigorous on-job training which is customized to the client's context. Candidates who successfully complete our programs are readily deployable into identified entry-level roles at the client enterprise. We offer flexible models of staffing to enable clients to scale rapidly and also balance variable demand.

We currently offer solutions to the accountants . IT industry in the Application Services and BDM. In FY 2016-17, as part of our pilot, we are  sourcing and proving 300  commerce graduates entry-level roles at globally recognized   companies in accounting, data analytics and more . 

Welcome to Guideline

Guideline is a global technology corporation specializing in IT project management, Software solutions & training , Networking, web applications, Digital Marketing and IT Retailing. Since its inception in 1998, Guideline has successfully delivered solutions of high quality to clients around the world. We have partnered with customer to help them gain a competitive advantage by providing end to end consultancy, application support, implementation and infrastructure series.


To grow into a corporate with multi divisional companies and multi products having international presence.


To provide Quality, Innovative and Reliable solutions for various enterprises through the genuine application of Information technology